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Morphine is an alkaloid narcotic drug extracted from opium and a powerful, habit-forming narcotic used to relieve pain. Morphine testing is used to detect the consumption of any of those opium derived drugs like Morphine, Heroin, or Codeine. Chemically, all these three drugs are opiate class of drugs. The difference is due to the manner of opium refinement or synthetic manufacturing and the mode and method of delivery. However, all the opium derivative drugs are metabolized in the body to form Morphine. So, presence of morphine in blood/urine samples indicate the use of an opium derivative drug. The minimum concentration of morphine in an opiate test must be 2000 ng/ml to eliminate false positives. The small amount of morphine may be present due to second hand smoke or due to consumption of large quantities of poppy seeds or poppy seed paste. There are many one step rapid opiates testing kits available which are based on a chromatographic absorbent device in which opiates derivatives compete for limited antibody sites. In this procedure, urine/blood smaple mixes with the labeled antibody-dye conjugates and migrates through the test device. When Opiates levels are below cutoff then unbound antibody-dye conjugate binds to immobilized antigen conjugate in the test zone, producing a colored band that indicates a negative result. Conversely, when the opiates levels are above the specified detection limit, antibody-dye conjugate binds to the free drug and forms an antigen-antibody-dye complex. The antigen-antibody-dye complex then competes with immobilized antigen conjugate in the test zone, which prevents the development of a negative band,


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