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Drug Identification Kits

Drug Identification Kits

At TestCountry you will find only easy to use, highly accurate instant & lab based drug testing kits. Check product information to see if the tests / labs are FDA cleared or CLIA accredited.

CLIA Waived Tests TestCountry knows that those working in clinical settings require CLIA waived drug testing solutions for point of care testing. We offer high quality, name brand test cups to suit all of your drug testing needs including our DrugConfirm Advanced Cups, T-Cup Urine Drug Test Cups, iCup Flat Panel Drug Cups, E-Z Split Key Cups and our CLIA Waived Drug Testing Cups, all of which are CLIA Waived and 510(k) FDA Approved.

We also bring you the latest in drug testing innovation with the VacuLid Urine Specimen Transfer Device that works in conjunction with all T-Cups. All of our test cups provide reliable and accurate, hospital quality results within minutes. We're also proud to offer more test panels than any other testing on the market. Let's work together to find the best solutions for your organization.



Currently, there are three kinds of drug detection and identification kits : pen tests, aerosols and PDT.

Pen Test Drug Field Test Kit

The latest innovation in the arena of hand-held colorimetric drug detection and identification field test kit from Mistral Security Inc. is the Pen Test. This field kit is an ampoule-based technology that addresses the requirements of the military, law enforcers, counter-narcotics agencies, crime scene investigation, schools, security agencies, port and harbor authorities, private individuals and corporations for the accurate, quick, easy to use and read drug detection kit.

Each kit contains five ampoules that can identify not only trace amount but also bulk drug detection. There is no need for a control substance to detect the presence of drug. There are several Pen Test options for drug detection. D4D is a general screening, multi-drug Pen Test drug detection kit. It screens marijuana, heroin, amphetamine, methamphetamine, morphine, PCP, methadone, ketamine, codeine and ephedrine-pseudoephedrine. Drug screening pen test cocaine/crack; diazepam and rohynpol; barbiturates; cannabis; heroin; ephedrine; LSD; methamphetamine and ecstasy; and codeine, morphine, and opium are sold separately. Included in the package are one ampoule, color chart and two collection papers.

The Mistral Pen Test is used in three simple steps:

· Swipe the substance or surface with the test paper included in the package

· Dispense the test fluid on the test paper using the Pen Test

· Compare the color result of the test paper against the color chart to confirm and determine drug.

Aerosol Drug Testing

Aerosol spray tests marketed by Mistral™ are founded on chemical reactions of particular drugs with specific reagents. These aerosol tests have been used by law enforcement agencies for years and have been tweaked for increased stability of reagents, lessen false positive results and eliminate the use of toxic and carcinogenic elements. Aerosol test kits can screen and detect D4D, cocaine, cannabis and meth. Aerosol test are marketed as sensitive to even less than 10 mcg of the specified drug.

This type of drug identification kit is very easy to do and read. The process is done by directly spraying or swabbing on the specific surface then wiping it with the test paper included in the kit. The easy-to-read result is ready and then compared with the included color chart in less than 30 minutes. Aerosol test kits are available in packages of 100 kits and 50 kits.

PDT Drug Detection Test

PDT or Presumptive Drug Test pertains to the analysis of a sample to establish if that particular drug is not a specific substance or that the sample is probably the substance. This test quickly establishes the identity of a controlled substance or matter while in the field.

An unknown drug or substance is exposed to a chemical or a mixture of chemicals. What color the substance turns after exposure to the chemical determines the drug type present. For example, the Duquenois-Levine Test uses a mixture of ethyl alcohol, vanillin, chloroform and acetabdehyde to determine if the substance is Marijuana or not. The solution will turn to purple if the unknown substance is Marijuana or hashish.

Each PDT drug detection kit contains 10 ampoules of one-time-use.


A substance test is used to provide the most accurate testing for the presence of outlawed drugs or substances. A professional substance test allows accurate and precise identification of drug residues in any sample quickly and easily with least possible false positives. These tests are commonly used for the identification of substances like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, and hashish, to name a few. The professional substance test is used to identify the exact drugs or their metabolites and often, these tests are performed by the police or the law agencies to solve possible intoxication involved in various legal cases. This test includes multiple level testing and intensive analysis to identify different substances. Often samples may involve blood stains or dead tissue which may require further refinement of procedure for accurate and sensitive isolation and identification of chemical compounds. As mishandling or excessive temperature conditions may destroy the samples, in such crucial cases of legal importance, the samples have to be preserved and transported very securely to the laboratories.


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