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CLIA Waived Tests TestCountry knows that those working in clinical settings require CLIA waived drug testing solutions for point of care testing. We offer high quality, name brand test cups to suit all of your drug testing needs including our DrugConfirm Advanced Cups, T-Cup Urine Drug Test Cups, iCup Flat Panel Drug Cups, E-Z Split Key Cups and our CLIA Waived Drug Testing Cups, all of which are CLIA Waived and 510(k) FDA Approved.

We also bring you the latest in drug testing innovation with the VacuLid Urine Specimen Transfer Device that works in conjunction with all T-Cups. All of our test cups provide reliable and accurate, hospital quality results within minutes. We're also proud to offer more test panels than any other testing on the market. Let's work together to find the best solutions for your organization.

Hormone imbalance can result to a lot of varying symptoms, including hot and cold flashes, abnormal heart beat, mood swings, bloating, depression or anxiety, pronounced hair loss or growth, insomnia, abnormal menstrual cycle in women, nausea, dizziness, and concentration lapses or disorientation, to name a few. Although most of the existing literatures relate hormonal imbalances in women, men are also susceptible to experience abnormal hormone level – with symptoms ranging from fatigue to loss of sexual libido to infertility.

Because the symptoms of hormonal imbalances may also be linked to other illnesses, performing hormone-specific tests is the only way to determine if the symptoms you’re experiencing have something to do with the abnormal level of certain hormone in your body. To help you find out whether or not your hormones are below or above the normal level, TestCountry offers different hormone test kits that can be performed at home or with the assistance of your health care provider.


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