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School Science Projects

School Science Projects

Make Science more interesting for your students by engaging them in different activity types that encourage scientific inquiries and analytical approaches.

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School Science Project Test Kits

At TestCountry, we offer school science project test kits that help students get used to the process of conducting scientific experiments and make learning science fun.

These school science project test kits make Science more interesting for your students by engaging them in different activity types that encourage scientific inquiry and an analytical approach to subjects.

You can choose from the different school science project testing kits on our product list depending on how many students you have in your class. Your options include: bacteria science learning kits, blood typing kits, DNA staining kits, DNA/RNA protein synthesis kits, food analysis science learning kits, and simulated urinalysis kits.

If you want to awaken the interest of your students in forensic investigations, TestCountry offers forensic science learning kits and human genetics learning kits, too. These school science projects and test kits are safe, easy to use, and provide complete modules and materials that you and your students will need to perform the experiments.


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