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Pregnancy Testing Kits

Pregnancy Testing Kits

Our Home Pregnancy, Ovulation and Male Fertility tests are clinically proven to be as safe and effective as those administered by doctors, hospitals and health clinics.

CLIA Waived Tests TestCountry knows that those working in clinical settings require CLIA waived drug testing solutions for point of care testing. We offer high quality, name brand test cups to suit all of your drug testing needs including our DrugConfirm Advanced Cups, T-Cup Urine Drug Test Cups, iCup Flat Panel Drug Cups, E-Z Split Key Cups and our CLIA Waived Drug Testing Cups, all of which are CLIA Waived and 510(k) FDA Approved.

We also bring you the latest in drug testing innovation with the VacuLid Urine Specimen Transfer Device that works in conjunction with all T-Cups. All of our test cups provide reliable and accurate, hospital quality results within minutes. We're also proud to offer more test panels than any other testing on the market. Let's work together to find the best solutions for your organization.

Pregnancy Tests: Midstream, Cassette, Strip Pregnancy Tests

Were you successful this month? Will you have a new baby in nine month's time? At TestCountry we are proud to offer the highest accurate and reliable pregnancy test kits in the market.  

Our Home Pregnancy Tests are clinically proven to be as safe, effective and greater than 99% accurate as similar pregnancy tests administered by doctors, hospitals and health clinics at the convenience of your home.'s pregnancy tests detect the hormone hCG at the 20mIUs level. In the pregnancy testing market, 20mIUs level is the lowest which means the most sensitive. You can find out whether or not you are pregnant in just 6-7 days after conception. 

We carry three formats of early-detection pregnancy tests:

Mid-Stream Pregnancy Tests: Our midstream pregnancy tests are the easiest to use- the midstream can be used right in the urine stream and there is no need to measure a sample

Cassette Pregnancy Tests:
Our pregnancy cassette tests are easy-to-use, and extremely sensitive for earliest detection of pregnancy - This format is primarily used by medical professionals who wish to write on the test. There is a patient ID platform on each cassette for writing. There is also a plastic window on the cassette that protects against moisture and other contaminants

Dipstrip Pregnancy Tests: Our pregnancy test strips are easy-to-use, and extremely sensitive for earliest detection of pregnancy. These are the most affordable ones in the market.

TestCountry test kits are:
  • Convenient : Rapid and accurate results at the ease, comfort, and privacy of your home
  • Greater than 99% accurate: Our pregnancy test kits are some of the most sensitive on the market ( 20 mIU/mL detection ability ), which allow you to accurately track when you ovulate and test for pregnancy as little as 6 days after conceiving.
  • All of our test kits are widely used in hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, teen pregnancy, home use, and family planning centers.
  • Fast Results : In just a few seconds

A pregnancy test kit is a very simple strip that lets you know your pregnancy status by testing your urine. It works by detecting the presence of hCG i.e. human chorionic gonadotrophin, a glycoprotein hormone which is secreted by the developing placenta shortly after implantation in uterus wall. hCG can be detected in the urine and serum of pregnant women as early as 6 to 15 days after conception. Various hCG rapid test kits are available which use both monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for qualitative detection of elevated levels of hCG in urine samples. These kits are often sensitive to certain fixed levels and are pretty specific as the immunological specificity of the antibodies used virtually eliminates cross reactivity with structurally related hormones.

Common Tests During Pregnancy

Various tests may be needed to detect chromosomal and genetic disorders as well as to ensure healthy growth of the fetus inside the mother’s womb. Especially when the mother has a background medical history, doctors strongly recommend prenatal test and monitoring. On the onset of pregnancy, laboratories subject mothers into alpha-fetoprotein to test the level of protein in the blood. Another option is amniocentesis which involves testing the sample of fluid surrounding the fetus known amniotic. Both detect chromosomal disorders in the fetus ahead of time such as neural tube defects and spina bifida. In the later weeks of pregnancy, laboratories test for glucose tolerance and monitor fetal condition. Glucose tolerance test determines the fetus risk’s to gestational diabetes. Fetal monitoring uses Doppler device to monitor the fetus heart beat. Normal heart rate should result to 116 to 160 bpm.



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