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Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detectors

Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detectors

Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detectors will help you ensure a truly smoke-free home and workplace. With proprietary technology, these devices detect tobacco and marijuana smoke.

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Electronic Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detectors

Unlike conventional smoke detectors, the Cig-Arrête Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detector detects the presence of both tobacco and marijuana smoke.

It's perfect for parents who want to make sure their teens aren't using cigarettes or marijuana and for businesses who want to make sure people aren't smoking on their premises.

Many parents ask themselves: How do I know if my teenager is smoking marijuana? and How do I detect marijuana smoke? The answer is the Cig-Arrête Tobacco and Marijuana Smoke Detector.

The Cig-Arrête has programmable voice warnings in any language for both flame and smoke detection.

If you have more than one, they can communicate with each other wirelessly, so if smoke is detected in one room, you will be alerted by all the alarms.

For ease of use, you can also get the Cig-Arrête remote control to program the smoke detectors and change their settings, such as: set up the time delays, sensitivity to flame and smoke, or select time delays and the type of message to play.



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