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Easily shop by brand for any instant drug testing kit you prefer on TestCountry.

CLIA Waived Tests TestCountry knows that those working in clinical settings require CLIA waived drug testing solutions for point of care testing. We offer high quality, name brand test cups to suit all of your drug testing needs including our DrugConfirm Advanced Cups, T-Cup Urine Drug Test Cups, iCup Flat Panel Drug Cups, E-Z Split Key Cups and our CLIA Waived Drug Testing Cups, all of which are CLIA Waived and 510(k) FDA Approved.

We also bring you the latest in drug testing innovation with the VacuLid Urine Specimen Transfer Device that works in conjunction with all T-Cups. All of our test cups provide reliable and accurate, hospital quality results within minutes. We're also proud to offer more test panels than any other testing on the market. Let's work together to find the best solutions for your organization.

Easily shop by brand for whatever instant drug testing kit you prefer on TestCountry. We carry all major brands of instant urine drug test kits and instant saliva and oral fluid drug testing kits.

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Find whatever brand of instant urine or instant saliva drug testing kit will fit your budget. Our quick and easy ordering process means you can go from brand page to checkout in no time. And fast reliable delivery ensures your order is in your hands when you need it.

About Urine Drug Testing

Urine screening is the most common method of testing for drug use. It is commonly used for:

workplace or for pre-employment screening, urine is the go-to testing method for most businesses and in sports, the military and for police work. Urine tests can detect traces of drug metabolites in a person's system for up to two weeks depending on the drug being testing for.

Often, these tests involve having the fill a cup to a specified level and then dipping a testing strip into the fluid, waiting for the test results to appear and reading those results.

But, increasingly more common are the all-inclusive urine drug testing kits like the E-Z Split Key Cup that allow you to have a donor urinate into a cup that already has the testing strips incorporated right into the cup. Once you have got your specimen, you initiate a simple mechanism like turning a key to start the testing process and then you just read the results.

As reliable as urine testing is, it does have certain drawbacks. Urine collection is invasive, for one and requires a proper collection site and same sex collectors. Also, unless you watch a test subject urinate into the cup, there are ways to cheat a urine drug test.

People cheat urine tests by using a different urine sample than their own by sneaking it in and filling the cup with it. This type of cheating is easily detected because a urine sample that isn't fresh won't be body temperature. So, having a thermometer or thermometer strip handy will go a long way toward detecting this type of cheating. However, there are devices that people can buy to keep a foreign urine sample warm enough to pass for a fresh sample.

Another method of cheating is to drink an excessive amount of liquid, known as water loading. This will dilute a urine sample, which leads to an inconclusive or false negative reading on the test. Many instant urine tests can now detect a water loaded sample, and many drugs are not water soluble, anyway, so this won’t help fool a test for certain drugs. A visual inspection of the urine sample can be enough to determine if it is too diluted to use. because clear urine is an indication that the test subject has drunk an excessive amount of liquid. Some people also take Vitamin B to turn their clear urine yellow, but this can easily be detected in a laboratory test.

Adding a foreign substance to the sample can render it useless, but some modern instant urine drug tests are equipped with ways to detect an adulterated sample. An adulterated sample is easily detected in a laboratory follow up.

About Saliva Drug Testing

Saliva testing will involve the test administrator taking a swab of oral fluid from a test subject's mouth. Cigarette smoking, gum chewing or the use of mouthwash can potentially alter these tests, but they are otherwise reliable and the results are available almost instantly. They can detect drug or alcohol use a few hours after use and up to two or three days after use, depending on the substance you are testing for.

Because the collection process can be easily observed, these tests are nearly impossible to cheat. However, it is best to observe a person for several minutes prior to the test to make sure they do not smoke or use anything like mouthwash or gum immediately before taking the test. Instant saliva drug and alcohol tests are extremely convenient because you can test at any time and anywhere and they are also highly affordable, plus they offer immediate results.

Bulk Discounts and Workplace Drug Testing Programs

For even more great savings on E-Z Split Key Cup products from TestCountry, place bulk purchase orders. You will save money and increase your ROI by taking advantage of TestCountry's bulk discounts.

We can also help you to set up a drug testing program at your business. Talk to an expert at TestCountry to find out the best way to run a workplace drug screening program. We will take your business' profile and use it to make expert recommendations about what type of testing to do and what equipment you will need to perform those tests.


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