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Which Drug Screen Testing Kit Should I Buy?

There is no shortage of drug testing products in the market today. There are literally hundreds of over the counter brands to choose from. Many of these multi-panel kits promise instant and accurate results.

There are some really good ones, but how do you know if your purchase is actually right on the money or just a waste of your time and resources? Test Country makes your life easier by providing a very simple 2-step guide that will walk you through this entire process:


Step 1: Testing Method - If you need to establish fairly recent drug use, you would want a urine, saliva or blood test. On the other hand if it's long-term drug use you need to establish, the best methodology would be a hair follicle test because a minimum of 1.5 inches of hair will provide a drug use history for the past 90 days.


  • Urine - There are 3 urine tests available to you on this page. It would be good for you to know at this point that an integrated cup urine test costs a little more than either the cassette-type or dip card test. The extra cost is for the added convenience of having the actual test integrated into the collection cup itself, no specimen-transfers or manual card-dipping necessary.


  • Saliva - Some people find having to collect urine already an inconvenience and therefore choose what is considered the least invasive of all drug testing methods, the saliva or mouth swab drug test.


  • Lab Test - Choose this option if you would rather have a professional do the specimen collection and testing. This is especially true if you want a blood test but is likewise available for other test methods. With this option you will still need to purchase the test online but will schedule a visit to a testing lab nearest your location.


  • Other - Still undecided? Need more information? Just click on this option and with a wealth of valuable information you will be able to choose from other more specialized tests (hair, sweat, surfaces, drug identification etc).  


Step 2: How many drugs are you testing for? - A 5-panel drug test kit is standard, but Test Country offers single panel or 2/3/4-panel test kits if you are only testing for a very particular combination of drugs. We also have up to 12-panel drug test configurations if you are looking for a more comprehensive test.

Additionally, we offer CLIA-waived tests or kits with built-in adulteration tests. What is CLIA and what are CLIA-waived tests? CLIA is short for Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments. It is a set of regulatory standards in the United States that apply to all clinical laboratory testing done on humans. These standards define the reliability, accuracy and timeliness of test results and are based on the complexity of the lab tests being performed. CLIA-waived tests are cleared for home use because they are considered basic enough that the likelihood of getting inaccurate results is very small or non-existent.

Our customer reviews will enable you to make a more informed decision before you proceed with your purchase. Please browse through our website and find out just how easy it is to choose the best drug test kit for your particular needs. Feel free to contact_us should you need additional help.

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