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Ontario Paternity Testing & Ontario DNA Test Kits - Reliable & Fast DNA Tests and Paternity Testing to be used in your local area (Ontario)

Are you looking for DNA Testing Centers in Ontario and get a confidential  paternity or any other DNA related test done?

Then you came to the right place.

We put together a DNA testing kit that you can use at the convenience and confidentiality of your home and get quick and accurate results. Our DNA test kit has everything you need and you don't need to pay anything else. It is fast, reliable and an easy to administer DNA test kit. So don't bother looking for a paternity or DNA testing center in Ontario and get reliable and cost effective results with our quick DNA home test kit solution.

TestCountry works with only laboratories  that are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) as a Parentage Testing laboratory. The DNA testing center that we use for our paternity and DNA testing kits is a world leader in providing the highest quality and accuracy of DNA testing services.

So instead of trying to find a DNA testing Center in Ontario go ahead and just order one of our confidential test kits and do any kind of DNA testing at the convenience of your home.

Our method of DNA testing is the most advanced and accurate way to test paternity. We can help you answer your paternity questions by sending you a home paternity testing kit with absolute confidentiality.

We use the most easily accessible and readily available DNA, cheek cells from the inside of the mouth. You can also use the blood collection method if you like.

Our testing includes, testing of father, child, and mother (mother is optional at no extra cost). Our test can be completed in the convenience and privacy of your own home, with results in 3-5 days.

If you are looking for any other testing done in Ontario such as, hiv testing, drug testing, sperm count testing, please make sure to check our other products.

  • Home DNA Paternity Test (2-Person) - Blood Sample

    Home DNA Paternity Test (2-Person) - Blood Sample

    TestCountry's Home DNA Paternity Tests are top quality products sure to provide 99.9% accurate results and a level of c ... more details

    Sales Price: $210.00

  • Home Paternity DNA Testing Kit (3-Person) - Blood Sample

    Home Paternity DNA Testing Kit (3-Person) - Blood Sample

    Our Home Paternity DNA Testing System for three people is convenient and easy to use. It's an affordable test that you ... more details

    Sales Price: $265.00

    Bulk pricing is available

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