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Free Workplace Drug Testing Policy Template

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    • The Convenient Drug Free Workplace Program Helps You to Easily Develop Your Own Workplace Substance Abuse Program
    • The General Drug Testing Workplace Policy Template Can Be Applied to All Types of Businesses 
    • Covers the Entire Process, from Sending the Letter of Notification to Documenting Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
    • Fits Sub-Contractor Requirements of Most of the Fortune 2000 Companies and Other Organizations
    • Allows You to Have Your Drug Testing Workplace Program Up and Running in Days

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Our Drug Testing in the Workplace Policy and Program Template can help your company develop a workplace drug testing program that is effective. This is the first crucial step to creating a drug-free workplace.

Instead of developing your policy from scratch, you can create your program with the help of our policy template and then have your attorney help you finalize the program as per your needs and requirements. This way, our substance abuse policy/workplace drug testing program template will save you thousands of dollars.

Our policy template will help you create the following:

  1. Letter of notification to applicants and employees about the drug testing program
  2. An open letter to all employees about the drug testing program
  3. Drug Testing in the Workplace Policy (with sections like: Statement of Policy, Policy Requirements, Specimen Collection and Testing Procedures)
  4. Consequences of Violating the Policy
  5. Employee Assistance Program *Disclaimer
  6. Drug Types and Information Sheet
  7. Drug-Free Workplace Program Receipt
  8. Pre-Employment Agreement for Drug Testing
  9. Documentation of Basis for Reasonable Suspicion Testing and more...


5 Pointers for Developing an Employee Drug Testing Policy

1. Have a goal in mind when you start developing your drug testing policy. The goal should not be to catch drug abusers. That is merely a benefit of having one. Goals should be something more positive that you can work toward, like creating a safer work environment or giving your company a reputation for being safety conscious.

2. Set a budget. Setting a budget will give you a better idea of what type of testing you can do and how much testing you can do. You will need to also factor in the cost of getting positive instant tests verified by a laboratory.

3. Have a written drug testing policy that includes sections about cheating and the consequences of cheating. Where drug tests are performed, you will have people trying to cheat those drug tests, especially if a lucrative job position is on the line. When creating your drug testing policy, make sure to address cheating and clarify what you consider to be cheating (substituting or adulterating a sample, for example) and what will happen if someone is caught cheating (it will considered the same as that person providing a positive sample, for example).

4. Check state laws regarding drug testing in all the states you do business in. Each state will have its own specific laws regarding drug testing. Make sure you consider all these laws when creating your policy.

5. If possible, perform pre-employment drug testing and background checks, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing and reasonable suspicion drug testing. Your budget may not allow for all four of these forms of testing, but try to perform as many of them as you can.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Workplace Drug Testing Policy Preparation

Why does my company need a drug testing policy?

Many drug abusers hold down full-time jobs and they often attend these jobs while under the influence of their drug of choice, thus creating a less safe work environment. The less chance of a person being under the influence, the less chance of a workplace accident occurring.


What is the goal of a drug testing policy?

The major goal of a drug testing policy isn't to catch drug users. It is to create the safest possible work environment and reduce the chances of accidents occurring that could potentially harm employees, customers, clients and the general public.


What is the best way to conduct drug testing in the workplace?

The answer to this will vary for each company and the answer will depend on the number of employees and the budget of the company among other variables. Generally, most companies will use a combination of instant urine testing, instant saliva testing, laboratory urine testing and laboratory saliva testing.

Companies with larger budgets where the work is extremely safety sensitive may also want to employ hair drug testing.


When should my company drug test?

If possible, companies should perform:

  • Pre-employment drug testing

  • Random drug testing

  • Post-incident

  • Reasonable suspicion drug testing

Pre-employment drug testing is performed during the hiring process before a candidate is considered for employment. Background screening is also highly recommended to ensure all potential employees are completely drug free.

Random drug testing is performed at no fixed time throughout the year. A random day is chosen for drug testing and random employees are chosen to undergo drug testing and neither the day nor the employees are revealed ahead of time.

Post-incident or post-accident testing is performed after an accident occurs. All parties involved in the accident are tested, preferably as soon as possible after the accident providing they are not badly harmed. (Instant or laboratory-based saliva tests are best for performing these types of drug tests.)

Reasonable suspicion testing is performed when you have reason to believe someone may be under the influence of drugs while at work. This could be due to especially erratic behavior or because the person smells like a certain drug or for other reasons.


What industries should have employee drug testing policies in place?

Companies in virtually any industry would benefit from having a drug testing policy, as the top goal of such policies is to create safer working environments. However, some industries do stand out as in particular need of drug testing policies:

Construction, transportation, casinos and gambling, security,  oil and gas, health care, pain management centers, detox centers, energy, home service providers, distribution, fitness centers, agriculture, farming (List of Company Industries that currently drug test their employees)

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"It was easy to customize. A little pricey for a template but got me done in the matter of an hour for a contract our company was bidding on"
"When my company wanted a drug testing program put in place and put me in charge of it, I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I kid you not. I didn’t know if I should start buying more plastic cups so people could pee into them or what. I was glad to find this template online for setting up a drug testing program. But the template is only half of what you get. The real value is in the customer service. They walked me through the entire process and now my company has a comprehensive drug testing program in place. "
"I didn’t think I would need a template to make a drug testing policy at work but when I started from scratch, it was a huge headache. The amount of stress this thing saved me was well worth the money "
"I’m not completely sold on this service due to the price but it’s a decent jumping off point. Good customer service, though."
"Nothing more secure than having a work place that is drug free. I am a Human Resources Department head. "

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