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»»»EtG Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection (Self Collection)

EtG Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection (Self Collection)

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Product Description

    • Advanced Alcohol Urine ETG Test with Home Sample Collection Kit and Applicable Mailing and Laboratory Forms for Lab Analysis of Sample
    • Detects Alcohol Up to 80 Hours After Consumption
    • Lab Fees Included in Price
    • Accurate and Fast Results within 4-6 Business days once lab recieves sample
    • Provides Greater Sensitivity and Accuracy by Measuring Both EtG/EtS
    • Ideal for Zero Tolerance Treatment Programs and Abstinence Enforcement

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When you purchase the EtG Urine Laboratory Test for Alcohol Detection, you will receive a sample collection kit that includes a sealable cup for urine collection and transportation, a plastic sleeve to keep the sample cup in during shipping, a prepaid, pre-addressed mailing envelope and a chain of custody form.

Once you have taken a urine sample from the person who is being tested, you put the cup into the plastic sleeve and then put that, along with the completed chain of custody form into the pre-paid envelope where the sample is shipped securely to the lab and analyzed.

The advantage of the EtG urine test, is that it can detect alcohol consumption up to 80 hours after ingestion, much longer than conventional urine tests or breathalyzers.

This urine alcohol laboratory test is the most advanced commercially available test you can find and is a very useful tool for a zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption.


Advantages of Alcohol EtG Urine Tests Over Other Alcohol Tests

  • As these tests are based on Liquid Chromatography followed by Mass Spectrometry profiling, proper measurement of both metabolites can easily differentiate a 'deliberate consumption' from an 'accidental environmental exposure,' which is one of the most probable excuses for a positive test result.
  • The EtG confirmation is the perfect testing method for 'zero tolerance' situations and an effective and relatively noninvasive tool for voluntary treatment facilities and school systems.
  • The EtG can not be masked by illnesses i.e. urinary tract infections and false positive results from diabetes are eliminated.

Two conventional methods have been used for alcohol testing: simple urine tests and breathalyzers. These methods are used to detect if one has consumed alcohol recently; but no such method was able to ascertain if one has taken alcohol within the last week. This is because alcohol dissipates from the system in a matter of hours. Recently, a new protocol has come up which is being tagged as the "gold standard of alcohol testing" and has changed the face of the alcohol testing industry because it can tell if someone has consumed alcohol up to several days prior to the test.

This powerful protocol has successfully been employed by two newly developed testing techniques - the EtG (Ethyl Glucuronide) Test, which has gained popularity for its advantages over conventional methods. These methods are able to reveal the entire alcoholic consumption history of the last 80 hours. Simple and conventional urine tests and breathalyzers can only reveal consumption history for the last few hours prior to the test.

How Do Alcohol EtG Urine Tests Work?

These tests are based on alcohol biomarkers. These biomarkers are the physiological compounds that are produced as byproducts when alcohol is metabolized in the body. This test assumes the presence of such metabolites in the body as an indication of alcohol consumption.

There is a compound called glucuronic acid which is present in the liver. When ethyl alcohol is consumed, it is metabolized in the liver where it combines with that glucuronic acid and forms ethyl glucuronide as a final product. Similarly, ethyl sulphate is also produced as a byproduct. Alcohol dissipates within a few hours of consumption, but these ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulphate residues remain in the system for as long as 80 hours and can be detected easily in the laboratory as both EtG/EtS are easily quantifiable with Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry. 

You are responsible in shipping the specimen to the laboratory. We recommend using a 2-day delivery method.

The Chain of Custody Form is valid for one year after the date of purchase.

Limitations of EtG Testing

Essentially, EtG urine alcohol test can offer a handful of advantages when administered properly. On the other hand, it is also important to note that this test has some limitations as well; it cannot detect the amount of alcohol consumed by an individual. 

In accordance with current guidance from SAMHSA, alcohol biomarker results should be interpreted in the context of other clinical and behavioral information available relating to the individual who has tested positive in an EtG screening.

For further readings about EtG and its limitations, you may visit

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"I was unable, after trying twice to get this thing to work, to get a result. The instructions are ridiculous. It’s a lot of money to spend for nothing."
"This kit was so easy to use. And I like how you just have to send the sample away and you get a result. There is nothing messy about it. Just pee and post lol"
"I can vouch that this test workd. Don’t take my word for it. Order it and you will see. "
"My small company started using these tests because we suspected some of our on-call drivers of being under the influence. They are easy to use and the results allowed us to get rid of some unreliable people and avoid a lot of potential headaches. "
"test was easy to use but i didn’t really like how long it took to get results save youself some time and just smell their breath"
"For companies whose business involves critical activities, a zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption may be expected. If your company belongs to this category, we recommend availing of this advanced alcohol test. It has helped us several times in detecting alcohol use in our employees and in keeping our company as safe for everyone as possible. "

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