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»»»TobacAlert - Quantitative Instant Urine Nicotine Test (Detects Second Hand Smoke) - PRE-ORDER

TobacAlert - Quantitative Instant Urine Nicotine Test (Detects Second Hand Smoke) - PRE-ORDER

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TobacAlert - Quantitative Instant Urine Nicotine Test (Detects Second Hand Smoke) - PRE-ORDER click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Out of Stock - New Stock Expected 10/1
    • Determines the Level of Exposure to Tobacco Products (Urine Sample)
    • Cigarette Smoking Kills More than 480,000 Americans each Year (41,000 of these are Second Hand Smokers) - CDC
    • Suitable for People Trying to Quit, Parents of Teenagers, Coaches, Insurance Companies and More
    • Instant Visual Interpretation of Results

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TobacAlert is the only at-home instant test kit that gives quantitative determination of a person's level of exposure to tobacco product. This home test not only tests for use of cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco or cigar of the donor, but can only be used to determine exposure to second hand smoking.

TobacAlert test is an easy to use, fast and accurate urine test strip. This nicotine home test kit measures levels of cotinine, a byproduct of the body's breakdown of nicotine, the active ingredient found in tobacco products and tobacco smoke. Cotinine is a widely accepted indicator of recent tobacco product use and exposure, including secondhand smoke exposure.

TobacAlert is for non-medical use and not intended to diagnose treat or prevent any disease or medical condition.

1For your convenient and safe use of our test kits, please consider to add on Gloves and Cups to ship together with your order.

Primary Uses
Potential users include parents of young children, workers in a smoky workplace and other persons concerned about the harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

Other potential users include smokers trying to quit, parents worried about whether a teenager may be smoking, sport coaches, insurance companies and tobacco addiction counselors.

How It Works
The end of the TobacAlert strip contains gold particles coated with an antibody that selectively binds to cotinine, so please never place a TobacAlert test strip in your mouth. After the end of the strip is diluted with urine, the gold particles migrate through specialized "traps" in the strip. The more cotinine bound to a gold particle, the further it is able to migrate along the strip. The reddish bands seen on the developed strip correspond to gold particles caught in a particular trap. TobacAlert is extremely sensitive and can measure amounts as low as 10 nanograms of cotinine per milliliter of saliva (6 billionths of a gram in one fifth of a teaspoon).

0 0 - 10 Non-user of tobacco products. Minimal or no nicotine exposure
1 10 - 30 Non-user of tobacco products. Low passive nicotine exposure
2 30 - 100 Non-user of tobacco products but higher passive nicotine exposure
3 100 - 200 User of tobacco products
4 200 - 500 User of tobacco products
5 500 - 1000 User of tobacco products
6 1000+ User of tobacco products
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  • Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews by other users:

    "Was able to test my daughter for exposure to second hand smoke. I was mainly just curious, as I have a lot of smokers in my family and we spend a lot of time at their houses. The test is easy to do (with a five year old, anyway) and the results came back in a timely manner. And my curiosity was satisfied. I’m thinking of getting one for myself now, too. "
    "Got this test in preparation for confronting my teenager about chewing tobacco (gross!). I wouldn’t suggest doing that because it’s a huge hassle trying to get a teenager to pee on a stick. But I did it and the results came back positive and now we’re having some long discussions about oral cancer and just the general grossness of chewing tobacoc (GROSS!)"
    "I work in a counseling company that caters to those who wish to quit smoking for good. We have been using this test as one of the ways to monitor progress. It's reliable and easy to perform."

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