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»»»SteroidConfirm - 50 Panel Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit

SteroidConfirm - 50 Panel Steroid Abuse Urine Test Kit

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Product Description

    • Tests for Over 50 Steroids
    • Ideal for Use in the Home, School or Workplace
    • Results Available in 3-9 Days after Sample is Received
    • CLIA-Accredited Laboratory (GC/MS Test)
    • No Additional Lab Fees and Pre-Paid Sample Return Shipping is Included
    • Unable to Process Samples from New York state

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SteroidConfirm is an accurate and affordable diagnostic anabolic steroids test made to be convenient and accurate. 

Traditionally, the abuse of anabolic steroids has been linked to athletes who want to improve their athletic performance. While this still remains the case for many steroid users, steroid abuse has also become prevalent among individuals, both men and more increasingly women, to increase muscle size and reduce body fat. Individuals of various ages abuse steroids, but it is the abuse among high school students that is becoming a problem.

SteroidConfirm tests for the following:

  • 1-Androstendiol
  • 1-Androstendione
  • 4-Androstendiol
  • 4-Androstendione 
  • 5-Androstendiol
  • 5-Androstendione
  • Bolasterone
  • Bolandiol (Norandrostendiol)
  • Boldione
  • Boldenone
  • Calusterone
  • Clenbuterol (anabolic agent)
  • Clostebol
  • Danazol
  • Dehydrochlormethyltestosterone
  • Desoxymethyltestosterone
  • 5-Dihydrotestosterone 
  • Drostandiol
  • Drostanolone
  • Epitestosterone (masking agent)
  • Ethylestrenol
  • Ethisterone
  • Fluoxymesterone
  • Formebolone
  • Formestane (anti-estrogen)
  • Furazabol » Halodrol
  • 4-Hydroxy-testosterone
  • Mesterolone
  • Methandrostenolone
  • Methenolone
  • Methasterone
  • Methandriol
  • Mestanolone
  • 6-Methylandrostendione
  • Methyl-1-testosterone
  • Methyltestosterone
  • Methylnortestosterone
  • Mibolerone
  • Nandrolone
  • Norbolethone
  • Norclostebol
  • Norethandrolone
  • 19-Norandrostadiendione
  • 19-Norandrostendione
  • Oxandrolone 
  • Oxymesterone
  • Oxymetholone
  • Oxabolone
  • Probenecid (masking agent)
  • Prostanozol
  • Quinbolone
  • Stanozolol
  • Stenbolone
  • Testolactone (anti-estrogen)
  • 1-Testosterone
  • Testosterone
  • Trenbolone 

Secure Online Results are available within 7-9 days after lab receives specimen.


There are no additional charges for this test. The test price includes all lab analysis and express shipping fees (shipping of specimen to the lab). Shipping label included is only good for shipping from the continental USA only. For all other locations, we recommend a shipping method that is fast (2-4 day shipping recommended).

Your personal information is only viewed by trained personnel and results are available online via our secure website. Each test comes with a unique Specimen ID number and passcode for safe, secure reporting. Your personal information is never shared with a third party.

Results are available approx. 3-9 business days upon receipt of the sample by the laboratory. Upon registration of our test, opt in to receive email notifications and we will send you an email when your results are ready.

In the case of professional tests, you will receive two results: the initial lab analysis report and also the MRO report.

1For your convenient and safe use of our test kits, please consider adding on Gloves & Cups to ship together with your order.


SteroidConfirm enables sports trainers, employers and parents to test individuals who they suspect may be abusing steroids. Simply take a urine specimen at home, in the workplace or at school, and mail to our laboratory using the pre-paid shipping pak. You have the option to perform a confidential test (no personal information is required) or a test with a Chain of Custody*. 



Our collection kit is designed for convenient use at home, school or in the workplace and collection of the urine sample takes only a few minutes. There is no special training required for sample collection, however we do advise that you ready the instructions thoroughly before you begin the test. We are available from 8:00am - 5:00pm PST Monday thru Friday to answer your questions. 

The urine collection device is as innovative as our testing process. A syringe within a sealable tube minimizes accidental spills or specimens destroyed in transport. This design provides ample volume of the specimen for the lab and is less bulky than urine transport cups.

Using Liquid Chromatograph Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS), the most sophisticated and sensitive technology available for the steroid testing community, SteroidConfirm can accurately quantify substances well below the cut-off levels. Each specimen is tested directly with this instrument - there is no screening process.

The added benefit of Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) is the unsuppressed selectivity achieved by incorporating a collision cell. The LC/MS/MS system not only measures each compound directly, but it also breaks apart the compounds in the collision cell to give a second parameter of identification for each compound. This methodology provides highly accurate results.

SteroidConfirm can detect a wide variety of illegal substances from the urine samples and makes cheating impossible for the participant. The innovative design of the sample collection device makes it easy to collect as well as allowing you to send the samples through the mail without damage or spilling of the sample ensuring the accuracy of the tests. The huge range of substances that it can detect and the high clarity and readability of the result reports differentiate this test from the multitude of cheaper steroid tests swarming the market today.

Our laboratory report shows the complete listing of steroids which have been tested for and provides an absent or positive result for each agent, except for Epitestosterone (E) and Testosterone (T) which occur naturally in the body. We will provide you with a T/E ratio if both are present over the concentration limit. Click here for a sample report

An essential part of the steroid test is the final review of results. A positive laboratory test result does not automatically identify an individual as an illegal steroid user. An individual with a detailed knowledge of possible alternative medical explanations is essential to the review of results. The Medical Review Officer (MRO) fulfills this function by reviewing the results with the donor and protecting the confidential nature of the donor's medical information.

The MRO reviews all professional test results.

- AAB American Association of Bioanalysists
- CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
- Heavy Metals Institute
- DEA Licensed (To ensure all State and Federal standards for USP NF (797) Pain Drug (CSP) are followed)

The CLIA-Accredited Laboratory uses state-of-the-art Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Mass Spectrometry X2 (LC/MS/MS) technology to determine the amount of lead present.

The window of detection for steroids varies drastically. At the low end of the spectrum the window is only 2-3 days. On the high end, a couple of months. Steroids, similar to THC, are not water soluble. With testosterone, because it occurs naturally, you will almost always detect the hormone. It is necessary to test for testosterone because the body adjusts natural production of the hormone when it is introduced to synthetic steroids, i.e. the levels of testosterone are usually off kilter. Please see half lives of the steroid test at the following link ( ). Half lives show how long the detection period for the steroid testing kit would be. 

Steroid Confirm also detects metabolite Methandrostenolone (Dianabol).

* The MRO Report is only available with Chain of Custody tests.

Click here to download the instructions in PDF format.

If you do not have a PDF reader installed on your system, please download and install one of the PDF document readers on your computer:

  • What is a steroid?
  • What are Anabolic steroids?
  • What is sex steroid?
  • Why is the use of anabolic steroids banned by all major sporting bodies?
  • What is pharmacalogy of anabolic steroids?
  • What are the adverse effects of anabolic steroids?
  • Why is the test for steroids required?
  • What are the methods used to detect steroids?
  • What are Synthetic sex steroids?
  • What is Hormonal therapy?
  • How is Hormonal therapy useful?
  • What are the medical uses of anabolic steroids?
  • What are the functions of sex steroids?
  • What are the types of sex steroids?
  • What is the non-medical use of anabolic steroids?
  • What is a steroid cycle?
  • How to minimize side effects of anabolic steroids?
  • What is a hormone?
  • What is Endocrine hormone?
  • What is the Hierarchical nature of hormonal control?
  • What is the Pharmacology of hormones?
  • What is the Physiology of hormones?
  • What are Steroids?
  • What are Anabolic Steroids?
  • How do steroids work?
  • What are the side effects of steroids?
  • What dosage regimen of steroids is commonly used?
  • What is Stacking?
  • Why do people inject steroids wih needles when they can just take pills?
  • What age is old enough for taking steroids?
  • What is DHEA?
  • What is the relevence of testosterone:epitestosterone ratio?
  • What sort of T/E ratio is indicative of steroid abuse?
  • How is T/E ratio measured?
  • How can steroids be tested?
  • Why are the doping tests being conducted so regularly in the sports fraternity?
  • What is Epitestesterone?
  • What are the effects of the steroid Boldenone Undecylenate?
  • What is the significance of Clenbuterol?
  • Why is epitestosterone banned by many sporting authorities even though it does not enhance athletic performance in any way?
  • What is Male Menopause?
  • How do the testosterone gets lost in human body?
  • How are Chronic illness & prescription medication associated with a reduction in testosterone levels?
  • What are the effects of smoking and alcohol comsumption on Testosterone level?
  • What are the physical symptoms of abnormal testosterone?
  • What are the effects of ageing on Testosterone levels?
  • What is the window detection for steroid usage?
  • What is a half-life?
  • It is important that the collector get the specimen to the lab as soon as possible. Degradation is possible. The specimen must be shipped within 5 days of collection (sooner the better). If it is difficult to ship right after the collection process is complete, the specimen needs to be refrigerated rather than stored at room temperature.

    Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews by other users:

    "As a high school sports coordinator, it’s my job to make sure our athletes are free from any performance-enhancing drugs. This test helps us keep our athletes steroid-free. I bought a bulk shipment of them and administer them throughout the year randomly. They work like a charm. It should be what other sports coordinators and coaches in the US should be thinking about."
    "I can’t afford to test every single athlete that I help to train but keeping a few of these on hand certainly helps keep them clean. I’ve already had to let one boy go because he thought it was worth the risk to take steroids but he got caught. I highly recommend this test to anyone who works with athletes. "
    "One of the few testing kits for steroids on the market. So I guess they do good business by having the market cornered. In any case, you are willing to put out the dough, this test works. I just wish there was more variety so there could be some competition to bring the price down. "
    "As a high school sports coordinator, I make sure that our athletes are not only excellent in their chosen fields, but also healthy and free from any performance-enhancing drugs. This test helps us keep our athletes steroid-free. It should be what other sports coordinators and coaches in the US should be thinking about."

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    "We are a average size CPA firm and appreciate your good product and customer service." (James)