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»»»LeadConfirm - Premium Saliva Lead Level in Body Testing Kit

LeadConfirm - Premium Saliva Lead Level in Body Testing Kit

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Product Description

    • Detects High Lead Levels in Body
    • Easy to Use & Kid Friendly Collection Kit
    • Fast Turnaround & Accurate Results
    • 1:1 Correlation with Lead Blood Test Results
    • CLIA Accredited Lab & FDA Cleared Collection Kit
    • A new product comparable to this available at: Lead Saliva Test Kit

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LeadConfirmâ„¢ Lead in Body Saliva test is the only saliva based lead level testing kit that is to be an alternative to painful blood lead testing. With LeadConfirmâ„¢ test you can have your child tested conveniently and pain-free. Lead is dangerous, yet it is still used in many products such as paints, batteries, and plumbing and in corrosion preventatives.

Adverse affect of high levels of lead on adults is serious, but for kids it can mean disadvantage for life.

According to an article publish in the journal Environmental Research, from 1953 to 2003, the fall and rise of the average SAT math and verbal score has tracked the rise and fall of blood lead levels so closely. According to the author of article, economist Rick Gavin, half of the change in scores over 50 years, and possibly more, probably is the result of lead. Article states that over a 56-year time frame, the drop in lead levels tracked consistently with decreases in mental retardation 12 years later.

The danger of exposure to lead decreased over time, especially because of a phaseout of leaded gasoline in the 1970s; at the same time, paint manufacturers phased out lead house paint. However the danger of lead still exists and lead in paint of toys from China is just one of them.

Here are some sources of lead in US today:

Automobile emission: Until mid 90’s, tetraethyl lead was extensively used as a gasoline additive. In early 90’s, U.S. Congress passed the Clean Air Act Amendments requiring lead-free gasoline followed by the revisions of EPA emission regulations declaring the use of leaded gasoline as illegal. This has resulted in a substantial drop in lead emissions. Although vehicle emission is not much of a problem as far as lead contamination is concerned nowadays, however, with decades of burning huge quantities of leaded gasoline, lead has already been deposited on the soil. This accumulated lead has found its way into a lot of homes across the states as it tends to persist for a long time because of its non-degradable nature.

Drinking water: Earlier, Lead was commonly used in household plumbing materials and water service lines in the form of lead pipes, fixtures and solder. After the introduction of Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act 1998, the use of leaded plumbing material has decreased substantially as this section requires the plumbing material to be lead-free. However, if you have older homes or fittings, it is likely that you may have older lead pipes and fixtures which may get corroded and contaminate the water. Lead may also occur in drinking water by direct contamination of the natural water used by the water system due to lead mining and smelting operations. In such cases, some shellfish such as mussels may also get contaminated & get caught on a Sunday morning fishing expedition! The contaminated source water itself is quite unlikely to be supplied further given all the preventive and treatment measures taken at administrative levels. For more information, you may consult the EPA’s National Review of LCR Implementation and Drinking Water Lead Reduction Plan.

Agricultural Soil: Soil may get contaminated with lead either from lead dust dislodged from deteriorated paint or due to irrigation with water contaminated by lead pipes or by lead mining and smelting operations. Auto emissions may also have contributed a significant amount of lead to the soil already. From soil, it may either be taken up by some crops like lettuce and carrots or may stick onto plants with dust & get ingested directly.

Lead Paint: Some forms of paint may contain lead chromate and lead carbonate as lead is a pretty useful ingredient as far as paint manufacturing is concerned as it speeds up pain drying, increases durability, and resists moisture that causes corrosion. However, these paints are one of the major sources of lead contamination as children can be exposed to lead by eating lead-based paint chips, chewing on objects painted with lead-based paints, or swallowing house dust that contains lead!

Toys: Some toys may have either lead paint over them or they may be made up of plastics that contain lead as the use of lead in plastics has not been banned. When this plastic is exposed to sunlight, air, and detergents the chemical interactions between lead and plastics break down & may result in lead contamination.

Whatever the source, lead contamination may spread further through contaminated hands, food, water, cigarettes, clothing and a lot of other similar things.

While warning labels and precautions can be taken, some individuals are just more prone to exposure than others, For instance those that work in certain industrial professions may be more likely to be exposed than others. In these cases, a person inhales dust, flakes or other particles of lead while on the job.

Why is it so important to be aware of your level of lead exposure? Namely, it can cause severe complications and health problems to the major systems of the body including:

  • Gastrointestinal
  • Cardiovascular
  • Renal
  • Neurological
  • Reproductive
  • Hematological

    Even more alarming is the fact that children are much more vulnerable to the effects of lead exposure. Often exposed to lead through lead-based paints, the effects can include anemia, colic and even an impaired metabolism of Vitamin D.

    By using LeadConfirm Lead Saliva Test, you will be able to figure out how much lead you and your children have been exposed to and whether or not you should be concerned. Finding out this information can put your mind at ease or prepare you to take appropriate action.

    It's that simple and you can on your way to a healthier home.

International buyers are responsible for shipping the specimens back to the lab in the United States. TestCountry is not responsible for failed tests due to delays and/or miscollection of specimens.

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"Because the drug kits were easy to order and read. It was for our company for our grant class. Our school is drug free, because your kits helped us keep it that way. I''m just sorry to say that at the end of this year we will no longer have any more grant classes. Also your patience with me ordering them on the phone, I can''t hear that good or understand certain things. You made it so easy to order and I could even sense your smile. You love your job as I do. It was a pleasure working with you"

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