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Cotinine Urine Laboratory Test

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Product Description

    • Detects the Presence of Cotinine/Nicotine in Urine
    • Results Usually Available in 1-3 Business Days
    • Window of Detection is Approximately 2-3 Days After Nicotine Use

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The Cotinine Urine Laboratory Test Kit offers an easy and convenient method to detect the presence of Cotinine/Nicotine in an individual’s system through a urine sample. It follows the cut off level of 500 ng/mL with a detection period of approximately 2-3 days after nicotine consumption.

Cotinine is a metabolite of nicotine and is used as a biomarker for exposure to tobacco use. Individuals who do not smoke or is not exposed to secondhand smoke do not have measurable cotinine. However, individuals who do smoke will typically have a higher cotinine level. 

How It Works

  1. After you click "Select Location" button, please enter your zip code and then select a facility near you.
  2. Complete the checkout process and place your order. You will receive two emails from us. First email is your order confirmation and second one is your e-form.
  3. Print the e-form and bring it along with a valid government-issued ID to the location you have selected.

Most results are available in approximately 1-3 business days, but some results take longer to process. The Medical Review Officer will contact the donor directly if there are any questions.

Once the test result is available, the account owner (the one used for billing information) will be notified via email.

Note: Extra charges may apply to non-urban testing facilities.

Same-Day Testing

Our same-day option lets you make an appointment for today. Please note that we presently have limited facilities nationwide offering same-day testing. Requests for same-day testing must be received by 12PM PST, however, due to variations in lab facility hours, we cannot guarantee same-day testing. In the case of time zone limitations, you would be able to go in the next morning. You must wait for your registration number before going to the lab. Your registration number will be emailed to you.

Donor information must be submitted in the "Shipping Information" section during checkout so we can accurately create your form.

This test expires in 30 days from registration date.

Have a Question? Need to Visit More Than One Center?

Call us at 800-656-0745 (toll-free).

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), tobacco use is one of the leading preventable causes of death in the United States. Compared with non-smokers, people who smoke increase their risk of coronary heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. Other health effects of tobacco smoke exposure include infertility, preterm delivery for pregnant women and low birth weight in newborns. (Source:

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  • Facilities may change at any time. If the facility you choose is unavailable for collections we will contact you when your order is being processed to provide a new location.

    If the donor is unable to provide enough of a urine sample and chooses to leave the premises without providing a second collection, the test will be forfeited and a new test will need to be ordered for a new collection.

    If the sample's temperature is not valid or out of range and you do not provide another sample per the Lab technician's time frame, you forfeit your test and payment.

    Ratings and Reviews

    Reviews by other users:

    "My son stayed with my sister over the summer and I wanted to know if he had been exposed to any tobacco smoke, as he said he had been but my sister insisted that he hadn’t (she’s quite a heavy smoker and has been known to light up in a car with kids inside) so I had him do this test and sure enough he had been exposed to hgih levels of tobacco smoke, this will make the next family barbecue interesting"
    "Easy to use service and outstanding customer service. Highly recommeneded! "
    "I found the sample collection to be easy enough (it should be, it’s just peeing into a cup) and the staff at the lab were professional and courteous. "

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    "everything was great and i really liked the e-mail asking me if i received my order ok and if everything was ok, no one has ever taken the time to do that but you, i feel so appreciated by you. I will shop there always and i have told a lot of people about your products and kindness" (Kathleen)