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»»»»»Drug Test Kits to Identify Visible Substances or Liquids - Detects Single Drug Type (Marijuana / THC / Cannabis)

Drug Test Kits to Identify Visible Substances or Liquids - Detects Single Drug Type (Marijuana / THC / Cannabis)

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Drug Test Kits to Identify Visible Substances or Liquids  - Detects Single Drug Type (Marijuana / THC / Cannabis) click to enlarge

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Product Description

    • Instant test detects residue of Marijuana in substances or liquids
    • Reliable results even in cases of low drug content of 1mg or less
    • It can be used to identify suspicious materials, such as: powders, tablets/pills, plant material and liquid
    • Professional use instant drug test kit
    • Detects invisible substance residue on surfaces
    • Limited stock short date 1/2015

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If you have a substance that you're not sure of, now you can find out if it is, in fact, an illicit drug. Drug ID kits can accurately and quickly test visible substances to identify if they are illicit drugs.

Drug ID Cannabis

 Drug ID for Cannabis is an extremely accurate and reliable drug screening kit for the detection of cannabis, THC and marijuana.

Results are available in 2 - 5 minutes.

Please see related information for instructions of Drug ID Marijuana Test Kit

Ideal for:

  • Police & Customs
  • Probation & Parole
  • Drug Court
  • Narcotics Task Force
  • Corrections
  • Workplace
  • Rehab/Treatment Centers
  • Emergency Rooms
  • Social Service Agency
  • Educational Institutions

Drug ID Cannabis Cut-Off Values 

Type of Drug (test)


Cut-Off (liquid)

Cut-Off (surface)



30 ng/ml

2.5 ng/cm2


  • Accuracy

It utilizes the latest immunochemical detection technology, based on antibody gold conjugates.

  • Sensitivity

Drug ID Cannabis can detect cannabis present in quantities measured in tens of nanograms. This is about a ten billionth of a gram.

  • Usage

Use this product within the temperature range of 41°F to 104°F (5° C to 40° C).

Irregular results may occur if Drug ID Cannabis is not used prior to its expiration date.

  • Storage

Store Drug ID Cannabis within a temperature range of 59°F to 77°F (15°C to 25°C).

Drug ID has a shelf life of 12 - 18 months. 



1. Fill a small container with tap water. It is best to use a clean container with a lid, preferably one that you can squeeze to create a stream of water.

2. Ensure you have the correct Drug ID test, before opening the packet.

3. Check the "expiration" date.

4. Check there is NO damage to packet.

5. Tear open foil packet at the cut, remove:

- Drug ID test strip

- small water tank

- sampling stick.

WARNING: Do not touch the white test pad with the 2 blue lines!

6. Select test method:

WARNING: Do not bring the Drug ID test strip in direct contact with unknown substances. Only use Drug ID sampling stick for sampling. To prevent contamination from secondary sources use each sampling stick only once.

6.1 Solid materials

Scratch particles off a solid material, e.g. a block of cannabis resin or a tablet. Use a clean, uncontaminated tool. You will get a mixture of particles of different size. Perform the Drug ID test according to step 6.2.

6.2 Powders

To sample a sufficient amount of powder, dip the flat end of the sampling stick into the unknown substance approximately 1/3 inch (1 cm). The end of the stick should be covered with visible traces of the powder. Shake the sampling stick until no visible residues of powder are remaining. Proceed to evaluation (step 7).

6.3 Liquids

6.3.1 Low-viscous liquids (e.g. aqueous solutions, alcoholic beverage, fuel, gasoline...)

Dip the flat end of the sampling stick into the liquid under examination to a depth of approximately 1/3 inch (1 cm), stir several times and remove it from the liquid. Small droplets or a thin film of the liquid will remain on the

stick. Proceed to evaluation (step 7).

6.3.2 High-viscous liquids, pastes (e.g. liquid soaps, shampoos, toothpaste...)

Dip the flat end of the sampling stick into the liquid or paste under examination to a depth of approximately 1/3 inch (1 cm) and remove it. A thick film of liquid will remain on the test stick.

Clean the sampling stick with a paper towel or tissue by wiping the paper towel once over the contaminated area on the test stick. Make sure that only minor residues of the paste/liquid remain on the test stick. Proceed to evaluation (step 7).

ATTENTION: only a small quantity (6 - 10g) is sufficient to get a positive result!

7. Evaluation

7.1 Put the contaminated stick into the small clear plastic water tank that comes with the Drug ID test.

7.2 Fill the cap up to the mark with water from your small container, letting the water flow along the sampling stick to dissolve any particles or drops of the substance you are testing that are on the stick.

7.3 Stir several times (approximately 10 seconds) and remove the plastic sampling stick from the tank.

7.4 Dip in the absorbent fleece of the Drug ID test strip for approximately 15 seconds up to the blue line on the test strip. Remove the Drug ID test strip after 15 seconds.

7.5 Hold the Drug ID test strip horizontal.

7.6 The result is shown as two red lines: the test line and the control line.

The result can be read after 2 minutes. The interpretation of the result should not be later than 20 minutes after the test has been dipped into the water.


The position of the control line is indicated on the original (unused) Drug ID test strip with a blue dye. This blue line will disappear during the test cycle and will be replaced by a red control line. The red test line only appears in the case of a positive Drug ID result as a second red line in the reading window. In case the control line does not appear the test has to be interpreted as

invalid and has to be repeated. If you want to test the same sample for more than one drug, examine the sample with several different Drug ID test strips.

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"It was private and convenient. A very useful tool in the fight against drug abuse. Thanks!"

"All around great. I especially like that you have a toll-free num to call in case of problems.Thanks again.God bless and Hare Krishna.- Glen"

"The OneBode Flo has made such a difference for me. I highly recommend this Product. Also, The Customer Service was very helpful in understanding my needs and what I was looking for. Wonderful Service!"

"Online scheduling was very easy got confirmation letters wiithin hrs.test results came back quickly.employees said staff at facillty were very nice and the wait to be tested was short."

"Hi, The sales person that worked with me was exceptional. "

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