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»»On Call Express Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 Strips)

On Call Express Blood Glucose Test Strips (50 Strips)

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Product Description

    • 50 Refill Test Strips for On Call Express Glucose Monitoring Meter
    • Ideal for Self Testing and Professional Use
    • Affordable and Convenient to Use
    • Apply Second Drop of Blood Within 3 Seconds to Avoid Wasted Strips
    • Not for Sale Outside of United States

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1 - 2$9.89
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6 - 17$8.55
18 - 71$8.25
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Each box of On Call Express Blood Glucose Test Strips includes the following:

  • 50 test strips
  • Package insert


The On Call Express Blood Glucose Test Strips is the perfect partner to the On Call's Blood Glucose Monitoring System. This can be used at home and by professionals. Containing 50 refill strips, this will make it easier for every patient to create a diabetes care plan with the help of their chosen health service provider.

This product is made for patients who take blood glucose monitoring seriously since it ensures that there are enough strips that can be used for future glucose testing. It is also a dependable partner for patients when it comes to making dietary treatment choices.

If you decide to seriously monitor your blood glucose levels at home, you’ll need sufficient stocks of blood glucose test strips for your glucose meter. Each test strip in this On Call Plus Blood Glucose Test Strips Kit contains glucose oxidase – a chemical that is used in blood glucose meters to measure the amount of sugar in the person’s blood. 

The test strip is easy to use with your On Call Express Glucose Monitoring meter. Put the test strip in the monitor. Prick your skin using a sterile lancet and then touch the narrow opening at the end of the test strip (sample tip) to the blood sample. The sample size required is at 1 uL. The On Call Express Glucose Monitoring meter will beep to indicate that the sample size is sufficient and the measurement has started.

More on the Advantages of Using the On Call Express Blood Glucose Test Strips

The advantages of using blood glucose test strips may only be achieved when the patient is willing and committed to monitor his blood sugar levels regularly. With these test strips on hand, the following benefits will be guaranteed:

  1. Convenience: Nobody wants to go to the doctor and health center everyday just to undergo a blood sugar test; with this product available, there is no need to visit the doctor's clinic as often anymore.
  2. Affordability: With a price of only $9.89 per box of 50 strips, a patient can test their blood sugar levels anytime, anywhere.
  3. Usefulness: This product is useful since it helps a patient maintain their blood sugar within the required range. Regular testing with these strips will pave the way to a better understanding of the symptoms and dangers that come with fluctuating blood glucose levels.

Caring for your diabetes with the use of blood sugar monitoring is very convenient and cost efficient. As long as you follow the direction inserts, you can expect accurate blood sugar readings with every usage. With glucose monitoring meters and this On Call Blood Glucose Test Strip, you can easily and quickly determine whether your sugar level is high or low.

In the January 2010 review of glucose monitors published by Diabetes Forecast magazine, home blood glucose monitors are noted to be inexpensive or even free because some manufacturers or insurance companies would at times offer rebates.

Another valuable feature of blood glucose monitoring meters is that they are portable enough to take anywhere. Blood glucose monitoring and blood glucose test strips are critical for good diabetes management.

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"The product seems to work as expected. I bought it for my fiancee's dad and he hasn't complained, but then again he avoids talking to me at all costs. "
"Good product, does what it says and is affordable. Vendor excellent, on time, as listed. Recommend to all. Would use again."
"I was getting tired of constantly pricking my fingers because I play guitar and I found it was really starting to bother my playing so I got this product and now I can take samples for other places so I would say this is a good product if you don’t want to prick your fingers anymore."
"This is an easy to use low cost meter with very low cost strips. It’s as accurate as my old expensive meter."
"Works well for the price. I wouldn’t be too rough with it, though. It seems to be a bit fragile. "
"I wish it was a bit smaller to fit into my purse better but it works good and that’s the most improtant thing. "

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