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Drug-Free Home Agreement

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Product Description

    • A ready made household contract for parents and teens
    • Outlines responsibilities of both parents and teens
    • Looks like a real, legal, binding contract
    • Brings parents and teens together to help teens

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The HairConfirm Parent & Teen Drug Free Home Agreement is a pre-written contract between parents and their children that will help both parties keep their household free of drugs. Written with the goal of being fair to both parents and teens, the Drug Free Home Agreement outlines the responsibilities of both parties. 

Ratings and Reviews

Reviews by other users:

"It was easy to customize. A little pricey for a template but got me done in the matter of an hour for a contract our company was bidding on"
"When my company wanted a drug testing program put in place and put me in charge of it, I had absolutely no idea where to begin. I kid you not. I didn’t know if I should start buying more plastic cups so people could pee into them or what. I was glad to find this template online for setting up a drug testing program. But the template is only half of what you get. The real value is in the customer service. They walked me through the entire process and now my company has a comprehensive drug testing program in place. "
"I didn’t think I would need a template to make a drug testing policy at work but when I started from scratch, it was a huge headache. The amount of stress this thing saved me was well worth the money "
"I’m not completely sold on this service due to the price but it’s a decent jumping off point. Good customer service, though."
"Nothing more secure than having a work place that is drug free. I am a Human Resources Department head. "

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