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Many parents have to face the reality that their child will or has used drugs so it is important to know how to recognize drug terms or lingo.

We have comprised an extensive list of over thousands of slang terms for the many drug types available today and the list is continously growing.

We will be updating this slang term database regularly as new slang terms and lingo are been created everyday.

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Note: We have included misspellings in our database.

You should be aware that some terms which you once considered innocent (e.g. jelly - which refers to cocaine)

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Have you ever heard your teenager reference the time "4:20"? Many parents don't realize that 420 (pronounced "four-twenty") is a "secret code" for a time to get high. The reference to 420 presumably dates back to '70s stoner lingo but is still widely recognized by the youth of today. Some people have even designated April 20th as "National Pot Smokers Day."

If you hear your teenager reference 420, see that he/she is using the term while instant messaging with friends or has a 420 sticker on his car or backpack, call him on it. Let him know you know what he's talking about.


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