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Search results for the term "Blue" in our Slang Dictionary Term (Definition)

  • Blue boy (slang for amphetamine) Drug Base: Amphetamine
  • French blue (amphetamine) Drug Base: Amphetamine
  • Blow blue (to inhale cocaine) Drug Base: Cocaine
  • Blue acid (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Blue barrels (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Blue chairs (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Blue heaven (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • blue tabs (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Blue vials (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Flat blues (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Heavenly blue (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • Royal blues (LSD) Drug Base: LSD
  • blue velvet (combination of elixir terpin hydrate with codeine and tripelennamine (as weak heroin substitute)) Drug Base: Mixed
  • blue velvet (combination of paregoric and PBZ (pyribenzamine or tripelennamine) used as a weak heroin substitute) Drug Base: Mixed
  • Blue angels (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue birds (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue bullets (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue devil (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue dolls (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue heavens (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue tips (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Red and blue (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue (depressant) Drug Base: Tricyclic Anti-Depressants
  • Blue (crack) Drug Base: Opiate
  • Blue sky blond (high potency marijuana from Colombia) Drug Base: Marijuana
  • Blue sage (marijuana) Drug Base: Marijuana
  • Blueberry (Marijuana) Drug Base: Marijuana
  • Kentucky blue (marijuana) Drug Base: Marijuana
  • Blue de hue (marijuana from Vietnam) Drug Base: Marijuana
  • blues (Amytal (amobarbital sodium) [blue-colored capsule]) Drug Base: Barbiturates
  • blue birds (Amytal (amobarbital sodium) capsules) Drug Base: Barbiturates
  • blue heavens (Amytal (amobarbital)) Drug Base: Barbiturates
  • blues and reds (Amytal (amobarbital) and Seconal (secobarbital) capsules) Drug Base: Barbiturates
  • Blue caps (mescaline) Drug Base: LSD
  • tease and blues (Talwin (pentazocine) and PBZ (pyribenzamine) used as a heroin substitute) Drug Base: Mixed
  • T's and Blues (Talwin (pentazocine) and PBZ (pyribenzamine) used as a heroin substitute) Drug Base: Mixed
  • red and blues (Tuinal (amobarbital/secobarbital combo)) Drug Base: Barbiturates
  • Blue (Xanax) Drug Base: Benzodiazepines

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Have you ever heard your teenager reference the time "4:20"? Many parents don't realize that 420 (pronounced "four-twenty") is a "secret code" for a time to get high. The reference to 420 presumably dates back to '70s stoner lingo but is still widely recognized by the youth of today. Some people have even designated April 20th as "National Pot Smokers Day."

If you hear your teenager reference 420, see that he/she is using the term while instant messaging with friends or has a 420 sticker on his car or backpack, call him on it. Let him know you know what he's talking about.


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