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Synthetic Drug Tests

Increasing Use of Synthetic Drugs

The popularity of synthetic drugs is on the rise and one of these drugs is synthetic marijuana or Spice/K2. This synthetic drug is easily available as they can be sourced online, at convenience stores, in head shops and smoke shops.

These synthetic drugs mimic the “high” that one gets with the use of cocaine, marijuana and other prohibited drugs. These products are cheap. They come in packages that could be mistaken for bath salts. However, synthetic marijuana and other “fake” drugs are seriously harmful as they could cause hallucinations, seizures and even death. Synthetic marijuana or Spice could cause rapid heartbeats, delusions and paranoia that could last for days.

Available Synthetic Drug Tests

Though synthetic marijuana is a bit more expensive than marijuana, like cannabis, Spice cannot be detected in the system with the use of traditional drug test. However, there is Spice test or K2 test to determine the Spice/K2 in a person’s system.

Saliva Test: There is saliva test for determining synthetic marijuana or Spice/ K2. This test requires the collection of saliva to be tested on the spot. After the collection of saliva, the specimen is sent back to the laboratory for testing. Result is available after 3-7 working days. If there are at least six metabolic compounds in the specimen when compared with reference samples, then the test is deemed positive. The saliva test for Spice is also called JWH-018 test.

Urine Test: A special 6-panel urine test for spice test includes testing for other substances such as cocaine, opiates, amphetamine, methamphetamine and marijuana. This test will analyze the JWH-073 and JWH-018 content of a substance.

TestCountry offers effective and affordable synthetic marijuana drug tests for cannabinoids such as JWH-073 and JWH-018. Though these substances are metabolized quite quickly, the urine and saliva tests for K2 test are accurate.


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