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Welcome to TestCountry Rewards Program Overview

(Our reward program has ended as of 12/13/2017. If you have points accumulated we will send you a discount coupon beginning early 2018 based on your redeemable points.)

How to Earn Rewards Points

Earning reward points has never been this easy. At TestCountry you get points not only for placing orders, but also for opening an account, filling out a survey, referring us to a friend, etc... It's that simple!

When you are placing your order, you can see how much points you will earn for your order. We calculate points based on items you have in the shopping cart.

Below is the list of actions and points you can earn. From time to time we will be adding new quick and easy ways to earn points.


Products & Services1 Please check individual product pages for reward points
Opening an Account (Create an Account Now) 100 points
Filling Out a Survey 15 points

1 Your points will be posted to your account after 14 days we ship your order.

How to Redeem Your Points

Once you have accumulated at least 1000 points, you can redeem them anytime within your account. Simply sign-in to your account and click "Redeem" button under the Rewards tab. Once points are redeemed, a special eGift Card code will be generated for you. You can keep accumulating points to get a bigger reward.


TestCountry Gift Card

1000 Reward points $10
2500 Reward points $25
5000 Reward Points $50
7500 Reward Points $75
10,000 Reward Points $100
25,000 Reward Points $250


  • How can I sign up for Rewards Program?

    Answer: All you have to do is to create an account during the checkout. If you already have one, then you're automatically enrolled. If you're not ready to checkout you can also create an account by clicking here.

  • I just placed an order but I cannot see my points in the account page.

    Answer: Your points will be added to your account after 14 days we ship your order.

  • How do I get my reward points if I place my order through Google Checkout® or Amazon?

    Answer: Currently, Amazon & Google Checkout® orders is not eligible for reward points.

  • Can I get points from shipping or tax fees?

    Answer: Shipping charges and taxes are not included the point calculation.

  • Will my points expire?

    Answer: Your points can expire if your account is inactive for a year.

  • Where can I find the survey to fill out in order to earn reward points?

    Answer: You'll receive an email about the survey after we ship your order. Simply follow to instructions on the email to earn reward points.


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