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Corporate Drug Testing

Company Drug Testing Programs

Maintaining a safe environment in the workplace has become more challenging in recent years. Sadly, drugs and drug use have permeated what was once a forbidden setting, the office or any place where work is conducted. One of the best ways to ensure that you are upholding a protected work environment is to perform employee drug testing.

Whether you currently perform lab drug tests or are just in the thinking stages of starting a program for the first time, drug testing is a great tool for maintaining a safe environment for your workers.

However, starting a workplace drug testing program can be daunting if you do not know where to start. Making changes to your current program may not seem worthwhile yet read on. TestCountry has done the research for you and we have come up with the following information to help you, the employer, start a drug testing program or bring your testing in house for faster results while substantially lowering your costs.



Our Drug-Free Workplace Policy and Program Template can help your company acquire a drug testing program that is effective and creates a drug-free workplace. With our program template, you can save thousands of dollars and time by writing a policy from scratch and having an attorney help you.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy


It is recommended to have a drug-free workplace policy / program to start drug testing your employees. A well written and communicated program will help you achieve your goal; A Drug-Free Workplace. It can cost you possibly well over $10,000 to use your attorney to write a drug testing workplace policy from scratch and you will have to spend a lot of hours yourself.


- Examine Your Organization Drug Risk Exposure to Determine Special
- Needs?

- Before investing in a drug testing program for your workplace, first identify the
- drug abuse risk in your organization. Have you noticed a decrease in productivity,
- an increase in absenteeism, or accidents by your employees? Are your insurance
- and workers claims costs soaring? Random employee drug testing can help to help
- to have your working environment and safer and cleaner one.

- Understand the law
- Some state and federal laws can make setting up an employee drug testing
- program difficult. Because many people view drug testing as an invasion of
- privacy, many - recent court cases haveinvolved the protection of employee
- rights. Seeking legal- advice can help you understand what you can and cannot
- do within the parametersof a drug test program.

- Investing in a program

- Each drug user can cost a company thousands of dollars, translating into billions
- spent each year due to healthcare needs, injuries, damage and lost working time.
- By implementing a drug- - testing program in your workplace, you are able to
- achieve on-the-spot results with the use of inexpensive random drug testing
- products which provide laboratory accurate results. There is nolonger a need for
- lab analysis on all samples; this will significantly reduce your costs.

- If you currently do not have a drug testing program in place, the initial investment
- is not substantial. The investment of a few thousand dollars rather than hundreds
- of thousands potentially lost in profits, equipment and working hours is well worth
- your time and money.


- A Clearly Written Policy
- Before you purchase or administer a drug test, a detailed employee drug testing
- policy is required. In order to create a drug-free workplace, you will need to
- consider several factors such as:

- 1. What are you trying to accomplish with your drug testing program? Defining
- your goals and parameters for an employee drug testing program can help you
- shape the guidelines which will help to achieve the best results.

- 2. Decide on the who, what, when, where and why. Who does your employee drug
- testing policy apply to and why? What rights do your employees have within the
- parameters of a drug testing program? Will they be subject to random searches
- and tests? Who will you assign to administer the tests? Answering these questions
- will help you focus to prepare the policy.

- 3. What will the consequences be if the employee policy is violated? Disciplinary
- action must be outlined in the drug testing policy (i.e. option for warning(s),
- rehabilitation, dismissal, etc). This will minimize the risk of litigation. Also, if you
- plan to offer rehabilitation, will the program be in house or will you outsource this
- sort of program for employees who test positive on drug tests.

- Employee Consent and Notification

- While as an employer you do not have to notify your employees when drug
- testing will take place (in most states), it is, however, necessary to have the
- employee's consent to administer a drug test. This can be done by requiring
- each employee to read and sign a copy of the employee drug testing policy and
- having an official meeting to discuss the policy in order to address any concerns
- or to clear up any discrepancies that may exist.

- Drug Testing Specifics
- Once your employee drug testing policy is complete, the next step is to decide
- on the specifics of the actual drug testing method you will use. Some issues to
- be sorted are what is to be done should a positive result occur and what to do
- when an employee is reluctant to provide a sample. (Lab testing is available
- should you require confirmation of a positive result.)

- Choosing a drug testing type is also valuable. Weighing the pros and cons of
- drug testing methods in the workplace is the best way to decide which type -
- urine, saliva or hair - is best for your workplace.

- Also, settle on when drug testing will take place. Will you only perform
- pre-employment drug test screening? Or will random drug testing take place
- periodically in the workplace on an ongoing basis?


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