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Open a Corporate Account for Drug Testing & Background Screening

You can download these forms and then fax it back to us at (630) 566 0708 or email us at

Do you know what you want and ready to place an order?

Sending our your first order to us is enough to open an account. It's just that easy.

Here is the Offline Order Form. (PDF)

You can also use this secure online form to create and account:

Online Account Application Form (Credit Card Customers)Secure

If you would like to start "Invoicing" then you need be qualified for a credit limit. Sending Credit Application form allows us to qualify you. Usually it takes one to two business days to get qualified. Then we will be sending you an agreement to fill and sign.

You can submit the online form -OR- if you prefer to send us your application via fax/email, you can use the offline forms.

You don't know what you want or need high volume pricing?

If you want any information before you place an order or open an account, then you can use any of the following methods to communicate with corporate accounts.

Are you a member of a Trade Association or a Professional Organization? works closely with many trade association in the fields of construction, staffing, health care, manufacturing, addiction treatment and other business associations. Members of these associations get additional professional discounts applicable to the areas of their profession.

After you submit your account application please check to see if your association is one of the TestCountry Association Advantage Program participants on our or your business association affinity program or affinity partner sections. If you don't see your association as a participant, please email your association membership director this link so that they can apply.

Also drop us a line at mentioning your association so that we can also reach out to your organization to invite them to apply to our special membership program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Corporate Account?

A Corporate Account is a single funded account that can be used by schools, corporations, and small-business owners to purchase for corporate drug testing kits they need to strengthen the organization’s drug testing policy. A Corporate Account is offered by an online retail store or an actual marketplace to provide companies with flexible plans and bulk discounts on purchased items.

What is the difference between an account manager and a buyer?

A dedicated Account Manager is the one responsible for creating the Corporate Account and manages the account management area. Account Manager can add and delete buyer, payment methods, and shipping addresses. Additionally, s/he has the ability to view order history for all orders made in the account.

Meanwhile, the Buyer has no access in the Corporate Account, but has the ability to place orders using the Corporate Account and can indicate to use one of the shipping addresses and payment methods listed on the account for these purchases.

What to expect with Corporate Account?

TestCountry understands that in order to have a drug-free work environment, every organization must implement a well-planned drug testing policy. If your business anticipates spending a small amount of purchases for corporate Instant drug test kits per annum, it is of your best interest to pay your order using credit card accounts. However, if your business anticipates larger amount of purchases for your company drug testing programs, it is advisable to assign a dedicated Account Manager to open a Corporate Account for your business. With a Corporate Account at your disposal, drug testing kit purchase order will be made easy and convenient.

What are the advantages of having a Corporate Account?

At TestCountry, having a Corporate Account entitles a company, organization, or institution with several benefits such as: ability to make a purchase of workplace drug testing kit at a corporate credit, experience a personalized customer service, and avail special business discounts and volume pricing – to name a few. Additionally, having a Corporate Account lets your company improve its corporate credit rating which plays a critical part for any established business.

How to pay using Purchase Order as payment method?

TestCountry accepts purchase orders from non-profits, schools, military, government organization and corporations. When you place your order using your Corporate Account, you have the option to pay using purchase order form Accounts Payable.

For more details, kindly visit our Purchase Order section.

How to apply for a Corporate Account?

To apply for a Corporate Account at TestCountry, simply fill out and send us the invoice credit form either via fax to 1-630-566-0708 or through our secured and easy online application. The processing of business credit account application usually takes 1-2 business days after we receive your application.

How to pay with Corporate Account?

All TestCountry Corporate Account holders can make their purchase using credit card accounts or purchase order form Accounts Payable. It is our aim to give you a quick and easy experience in shopping for corporate drug testing kits with us.

How To Get Started?

Getting started is made easy for our Corporate Account holders and those corporations that are still deciding to open a Corporate Express Account in TestCountry.

If you have already created a Corporate Account with us, all you have to do is log into your account and place your order, fill out the corresponding form and mail it to:

  • TestCountry
  • 10123 Carroll Canyon Rd.
  • San Diego, CA 92131

You can also fax the order form to 630-566-0708 or email to

How do I get further information before I place an order or open a Corporate Account?

If you want more information before you place an order or open an account, you may contact us via our corporate inquiry form, or call us at 1-800-656-0745. You can also email us at with a detailed description of your questions.


"Too long a story to tell but your customer service people are PERFECT--the best I've ever dealt with..thank you!" (Judy)